Learning Wishlist 2017

My Learning Wishlist for 2017

Okay, so here is my first wishlist of technologies to learn over the next few months.

From Amazon Web Services (AWS) I intent to start learning the following services:

  • Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) – Probably the oldest service for setting up cloud servers.
  • Relational Database Service (RDS) – Service for setting up databases in the cloud such as SQL Server, MySQL etc.
  • Identity Access Management (IAM) – This service seems to be a must have in the wishlist simply because almost all of AWS requires you to use this one way or the other.
  • API Gateway – APIs are everywhere, from mobile backends to distributed systems and we use it each and every day, so it makes sense to learn what Amazon has to offer here.
  • Lambda – This seems to be a fairly new service from Amazon but is getting rave reviews from a lot of renowned tech folks.

And here are the Javascript related tools and technologies on my list for 2017:

  • NodeJS – Write server side applications in Javascript? Sounds super interesting.
  • Webpack – Does something with bundling js files.
  • Babel – Something related to transpiling. Will dig into it later.
  • ECMAScript 6 or ES6 – Javascript has received major upgrades with the new ES6 version.
  • ReactJS – Facebook’s much talked about UI framework.
  • Redux – Something related to state management?
  • Routing – Seems to handle, routing maybe?
  • Express – A middleware for NodeJS. No idea what that means
  • Socket.io – Websockets for two way browser communication.

I cannot be sure how much time each one of these will take, but I am hoping to at least have one working component based on each one of these technologies once per week. This would allow me to quickly implement my knowledge and builder a much stronger foundation.

Considering that a lot of these technologies will have dependencies on each other, I am hoping a learning path with emerge when I start doing my first level research into each one. I will of course also go away from this list into other tools as and when I encounter them, but I would be super proud if I am able to build at least an intermediate level of expertise in the above list by end of 2017.

Okay so I have my goal and my wish list. In my next post I will pick up at least one from the above list and build a usable component. Yay, Super exciting!




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